Why are you still single?

Why are you still single?

Guest post by Sarah McHutcheon, YWAM Newcastle


I have come to believe that the tag ‘single’ is not a kingdom concept. Think about the meaning of the word. It implies that there is ‘only one; not several’. Is there anything ‘single’ or ‘independent’ about the life of someone who is a follower of Jesus? The Christian faith is about relationship. We are in fellowship, we are accountable, we are called ‘joint heirs in Christ’ (Galatians 3:27-29). We are connected. We are not isolated.


When I was 31 years of age I was still not in a romantic relationship. People cared and wanted to see me with someone special. I thought about it a lot and took my questions to God. What was His plan for relationships? Was He worried for me? Are we really alone until we are in a special relationship? What can true community look like when we all do life together? I came to the conclusion that these are the questions that we should be asking.


The fact is, I was living a life full of relationships. I loved hanging out with my married friends, my unmarried friends, the senior citizens group, and the youth group. I enjoyed staying with families of small children on holidays and going out for coffee with friends. Popular culture is obsessed with romantic relationships. They are a beautiful gift but there is so much else that God has given us. They are not when our life begins.


3 myths about singleness we need to debunk:


Myth #1: To not have a boyfriend/husband is to be alone. To be unloved. To be unchosen… read more.

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  • Dear friends
    Iam a single Ywamer ,51 years of age writing to request for prayers.I have one kid of age 10 and did my DTS in 2003.This is a great site indeed .Singleness is not lameness

    10th Aug 2017 at 1:59 am

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